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Questions & Answers

  • Do the instruments need to be mic’d
    Our beautiful, fine antique instruments are acoustically perfect and carry powerfully. Many venues in Charleston are outdoors and couples are worried that the instruments won’t be heard. Do not fret! In most instances, and in my experience, they will be heard. After discussions of the guest count and wedding venue, if you so wish, we have amplification for our instruments available upon request. For weddings of 150 or more, a string quartet is recommended.
  • Do I need ceremony sound?
    This is an individual choice for couples. If you decide you’d like ceremony amplification for your vows and the officiant, we have a ceremony sound package which includes lapel mics and a battery-powered amp for a small rental fee. Also available are hand-held mics if needed for ceremony readers. Our lead musician will be there early to help with this service.
  • What does “Ceremony Music” include?
    When I got engaged, the first thought of music was to which song I was going to walk down the aisle! This was the fun part. The rest seemed a bit daunting, endlessly scanning songlists - so many to choose from! It might be helpful to consider that your song choices create your wedding soundtrack and musical backdrop for your special day. Please check out our vast Songlist under the Media tab. Additionally, here are some easy categories and tips to help. Typically, a couple can select a few of their favorite songs and let the pros take the rest - we are happy to! ● PRELUDE - The “Prelude” music begins about 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start-time and is played while guests arrive and begin to be seated. Prelude music is light and usually classical. However, we do get requests for pop songs for prelude - no problem at all. We have a vast array of Classical and Modern repertoire that fits many tastes. ● PROCESSIONAL - The processional music begins at the time of the ceremony. Typically a song is selected for the seating of the grandmothers and mothers, followed by another selection for the bridal party, and finally the bride's entrance election. ● SPECIAL MUSIC DURING CEREMONY - For my personal wedding, I had a song that my husband and I had arranged - it was a theme song of a TV show we liked. Many couples have candle-lighting or blending-of-the-sand ceremonies during their ceremony and request a song they’d like to hear during these special moments. We have arrangers on-hand if you have a special song in mind, or lists of song suggestions. ● RECESSIONAL - The recessional piece is usually a lively and spirited selection right after “you may kiss the bride” or after the couple is presented. We have several recommendations and would be happy to suggest a few! We can play anything during the recessional - my favorite recently was a Star Wars tune. Fun!
  • Should we have a trio or a quartet?
    This is the most common question (besides what’s the difference between a fiddle and a violin - email me for the answer!).. As a professional musician, I highly recommend the quartet, as it covers every single sonority of a piece of music. Think of it like a choir - soprano I, soprano II, alto, bass. The quartet sound is most pleasing because it is the fullest and richest. The sound carries more and the richness is incomparable. If you are on the fence between a trio and quartet, I highly recommend considering bumping up to a quartet if you can. The beautiful string trio has the same classic elegance of a quartet but slightly more intimate lines and all-around sound. Do not fear - the sound still carries and the string or flute trio would be a beautiful and memorable part of your special day. The repertoire is the same for trio and quartet, just less harmonies are covered.
  • Want to talk budget or event planning?
    If you have any questions at all, our company provides a complimentary consultation - please feel free to ask any questions - we can customize your desires to your budget. Contact or fill out the Contact Form on any page of our website.
  • Why hire Charleston Elite Musicians?
    *20+ years wedding music experience and detailed knowledge of all venues *attention to detail *unlimited consultations and revisions *best of the best in Charleston! *direct line to the symphony musicians without the risks associated with an agent *worry-free experience - relax and let us be your experts *sizeable discount on the 2nd hour (ceremony + cocktail hour will be discounted)
  • Can you make special song arrangements?
    Yes! If you’d like an arrangement of a piece or a song that is special to you, we have two very talented song arrangers, who work with the Charleston Symphony, on hand. For a small fee we can make your wedding music vision a reality.
  • What if I don’t know which pieces to select?
    This is where our expertise can ease your planning. Let us play from our vast repertoire to fulfill your wishes. In the consultation, we will ask what kind of music you like and make suggestions. If you’d like certain selections, no problem at all! We are very experienced at guiding people to various listening resources so they can get a handle on what they’d like. Our free music planning service is extremely easy and helpful - and can be altered until the day-of, no problem.
  • Sample Ceremony Music Plans
    “CLASSICAL/TRADITIONAL” CEREMONY Prelude Light Classical music Ceremony Seating of the Grandmothers/Mothers - Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring Bridal Party/Flowerpeople - Largo from “Winter” Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Bride - Pachelbel Canon Recessional La Rejouissance - from Handel’s Firework’s Music “CLASSICAL/ICONIC" CEREMONY Prelude Light Classical/Modern Repertoire Ceremony Seating of the Grandmothers/Mothers - Air from Handel’s Water Music Bridal Party/Flowerpeople - What a Wonderful World Bride - Can’t Help Falling In Love Recessional Hornpipe - from Handel’s Water Music "MODERN" CEREMONY Prelude Modern/Contemporary/Ragtime/Light jazzy Ceremony Seating of the Grandmothers/Mothers - Hallelujah Bridal Party/Flowerpeople - A Thousand Years - Christina Perry Bride - Sign of the Times by Harry Styles - from Bridgerton Recessional All You Need Is Love - Beatles
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