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Our ensembles are as vast as they are varied.
It is our mission at Charleston Elite Musicians to deliver the highest quality music played by the topmost musicians of Charleston for your event. We are your musicians! Live music is our specialty ~ we have decades of extensive hands-on experience with every venue in Charleston.


Listed below are titles and descriptions of our most common ensembles, along with some add-on extras if you’d like to add to one of the standard groups.

Please inquire at if you have another idea of a group you would like ~ I’m sure we can make it happen!


Your vision will become your reality with Charleston Elite Musicians.


String Quartet


Take your event to the highest level with the classic elegance of a string quartet. Aside from being the most visually aesthetic, it is the fullest-sounding & most pleasing ensemble we offer. The elegant sounds of the string quartet offer a full & rich acoustic while adding refinement and class to your event. Our string quartet has a vast repertoire and the richest of sounds. Recommended for 100 guests or more and for most outdoor venues. Consists of two violins, viola, and cello.

String Trio


Our most popular ensemble, the string trio provides the classic sophistication of a string quartet
but with a more intimate sound.
Our acoustic antique instruments carry sound beautifully and you and your guests will be pleased with the classic beauty the sounds of our trio brings. Repertoire ranges from Classical to iconic to popular contemporary songs. Consists of violin, viola and cello.

String Duos


Our duo combinations include two violins, violin/cello, violin/guitar and our most popular flute/cello combination. The duo is a smaller, more intimate option with the same Classical and modern repertoire as our larger ensembles. Add a touch of elegance and beauty to your special day with our talented symphony musicians in our various duo combinations.

String 4 3 2

Flute Trio/Flute Duo

Our Flute Trio consists of flute, violin and cello. Our Flute Duo consists of flute and cello. The sophisticated tone of the flute compliments the sounds of the strings in a distinct way, enhancing the trio with an extremely sweet, smooth sound. The flute line is extremely melodic, typically replacing vocal lines in contemporary songs and is perfect for Classical repertoire as well. Our flute trio would be fantastic for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Jessica Hull-Dambaugh, Principal Flute of the Charleston Symphony, has an unsurpassed tone and is available for your wedding!

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Flute 3 2
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Solo Violin

The soaring sound of the sweet violin at a ceremony says elegance, refinement and class. Our solo violinists can play nearly any genre and are sure to bring your ceremony/reception song list to life. Classical and modern repertoire.

Solo String

Solo Cello

An increasingly popular choice, the solo cello is unparalleled in uniqueness. There is nothing like it. The gorgeous richness and deep overtones, let the mysterious tone of the cello envelop your special day. Classical and modern repertoire.

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Brass ensembles

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Take your ceremony or reception to new and uniquely different heights with a gorgeous and elegant brass ensemble. Repertoire ranges from Renaissance/Early Classical to Pop to Jazz. Consists of four to six players. Please inquire!

Jazz Trio

Image by Jens Thekkeveettil

Our jazz trio/quartet is a perfect choice for both laid-back music during your cocktail hour or lively jazz throughout the evening reception. Our jazz trio (or quartet!) typically will include tuba, saxophone, and guitar/ trumpet/ drums, with variations to include a vocalist if desired. The options are endless! A timeless and elegant option for your special day.



Trumpet adds an extra pop and majesty to your ceremony processionals or bridal entrance! This is the next level! Our talented Charleston Symphony Orchestra Principal Trumpet player, Antonio Marti, is available for you.

brass jazz trumpet


IMG_9607 (1).jpg

The iconic piano, with its vast and versatile repertoire, is the quintessential romantic accompaniment for any wedding ceremony or reception. Booking our pianists for the prelude music, processional songs and the bridal entrance, recessional and reception will provide the utmost sophistication to your day. It is the perfect background music and can easily cover all of your bases.



Our guitarists cover a wide scope of styles that inspire an irresistibly romantic ambience. The soft, subtle tones of the guitar are other-worldly, providing elegance and refinement. Solo guitar is so very warm - and styles can range from traditional music to contemporary selections. 

We offer solo guitar, violin/guitar duo and violin/cello/guitar trio.

We also offer mandolin - scroll down to read about our mandolinist!



Harp music for the wedding ceremony is most enchanting and brings a dignified and joyful atmosphere to any setting. Let our talented harpists bring an elegant ambience to your wedding. The harp requires additional considerations which Charleston Elite would be happy to discuss during your complimentary consultation.

piano guitar harp


Do you have a favorite vocal selection that you’d like sung at your wedding? We’ve got the singers for you. Our experienced, classically-trained vocalists can bring the song of your dreams to life - during your processional or for a special moment during your ceremony. Please inquire!



Have you ever dreamed of having a bagpiper piping you down the aisle? It can be a reality! Whether you’d like a bagpipe be played while guests arrive, while guests go from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, or while the bride makes her procession down the aisle, we’ve got the pipers for you. Charleston is rich in this heritage - I myself had a bagpiper at my own wedding. With a wide variety of tunes, it can offer, some of the most popular are Highland Cathedral, Rowand the Brave, Mhairi’s Wedding, and Scotland the Brave. Hiring a bagpiper requires special consideration so please inquire on this exciting choice.


Gospel Singers

From traditional gospel music to hymns & traditional spirituals, a gospel choir is soulful, powerful and inspirational, making it the perfect soundtrack to a wedding ceremony or reception. Please inquire!


Native American Flute

Native American flute music is entirely melodic. The melody is, in general, characterized by a descending melodic figure; its rhythm is irregular and hauntingly beautiful. Do you want the most unique and ethereal addition to your ceremony? Our amazingly talented Native American Flute player, Austin O’Malley is ready at your service. Gorgeous, mesmerizing and entirely unique.

African lute

French Horn


Add the heroic sounds of the French Horn to your ensemble for extra power and triumphant flair. The Principal French Horn player of the Charleston Symphony, Brandon Nichols, is available.



We have Timpani and snare drums at your request for extra pop and wow-factor. Please inquire - Beth Albert, Principal Timpanist of the Charleston Symphony, and Ryan Leville, Principal Percussionists, are available for your special day.


Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 1.34.05 PM.jpg

Add clarinet to your ensemble for added flair, sweet uniqueness & pizazz. Charlie Messersmith, Principal Clarinetist of the Charleston Symphony creates the most beautiful sounds and is available for your event!

IMG_1400 (2).JPG


John Holenko plays both mandolin and guitar. From Classical Music to Celtic and Bluegrass, John plays a wide range of styles as a soloist and in combination with other instruments. Perfect for your ceremony or reception!


Please inquire if you’re interested in having a Sax player, our incredible Tuba player, or interested in having a 2nd line for a wedding parade.

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